Fried Green Tomato Napoleon     9.50

served with two chilled, pickled shrimp, tangy red remoulade, Chèvre, poblano basil jelly & a chile drizzle

Fried Dill Pickles     6.50

crisp, deep fried pickle spears served with spicy honey mustard sauce

Po Boy Flatbread

Fried Shrimp     12          Fried Oyster     13

A New Orleans tradition!  your choice of seafood, lettuce, tomato, pickle

and a roasted red pepper cream sauce served on flatbread

Crab Mornay     12

delicate lump crabmeat topped with a silky Mornay sauce & finished under the broiler

with seasoned bread crumbs, served with garlic toast for dipping

Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese Cornbread Fritters     5

served with a side of house-made jelly

Hickory Buttered BBQ Shrimp     12

Sweet Potato Bruschetta     11

served with a basil and sage pesto and finished with a balsamic reduction

Fried Crab Cake     8.50

drizzled with spicy remoulade sauce & marinated kale

Voodoo Nuts     7

roasted cloves of garlic covered with fresh andouille sausage meat, then well smoked ‘til done

served with a house-made beer mostarda

Jalapeño Cornbread Muffins

The first basket is on us! Want more? Just 50¢ each.


Mr. Charlie’s Oysters     13

plump, hand-selected extra select or count size oysters (the largest available) dipped in seasoned bread crumbs,

flash-fried and finished under the broiler with garlic butter & asiago cheese

Oysters 2 x 2 x 2     13

Baked Oysters Done Three Ways:

 (2) Rockefeller ~ sweet butter, spinach, fennel, and Pernot

(2) Bienville ~ cream sauce with garlic, mushrooms, shrimp, and provolone cheese melted on top

(2) Deviled ~ a spicy topping with sweet butter, red bell peppers, capers, and seasoned bread crumbs

Grilled Oysters     13

six flame-grilled extra select blue point oysters on the half shell

drizzled with spicy garlic butter with red pepper, lemon, fresh cilantro & thyme,

topped with Parmesan & Pecorino Romano cheeses

Chowder & Gumbos

Crawfish Chowder     7

tender crawfish tails in a cream base with bacon, red potatoes,

corn, and seasonings

Seafood Gumbo     6.50/18

traditional brown roux with okra and tomatoes, crabmeat, shrimp, crawfish,

catfish, mussels & gumbo crab (for flavor), served with rice

Country Gumbo     6.50/18

traditional brown roux with okra, chicken, shrimp & house smoked andouille sausage,

served with rice


House Charcuterie Plate     12

a selection of meats and/or seafood made in-house (usually rillette, paté or mousse) paired 

with cheese, pickled vegetables, mostarda & a type of grain

selection varies daily, please ask your server for details


Roasted Beet Salad     9

arugula, romaine, roasted beets, red onion, herbed Chèvre, candied walnuts, 

beet pesto, and charred citrus tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette 

Spinach Caesar Salad     10

baby spinach tossed in an avocado Caesar dressing topped with 

blackened shrimp, rye croutons and shaved parmesan cheese

Wedge Salad     9

fresh romaine lettuce wedge, chipotle mustard vinaigrette, blue cheese, 

candied walnuts, sun dried tomatoes, ancho glazed bacon


The Maple Tree “Tower of Pork”     24

2 - 2.5 lb. beer & Creole vegetable braised pork shank,

served with house smoked andouille sausage, cajun ratatouille, and cornbread dressin’

Hickory Buttered BBQ Shrimp     23

half-pound jumbo peeled shrimp sautéed in a garlic butter sauce with tomatoes and spices,

served with jalapeño cheddar cheese grits

(one pound+ of N’awlins style     22)

Chicken, Sausage and Seafood Creole Jambalaya     20

hearty, highly seasoned rice-based dish with slow-roasted rotisserie chicken, house smoked andouille sausage,

jumbo peeled shrimp, crawfish tails, clams, mussels, and squid

Chicken & Waffles     20

We love our fried chicken! Brined for over 24 hrs. 3 pieces (leg, thigh, whole wing) of 

Maple Tree Inn’s famous fried chicken, biscuit waffles, pancetta gravy, & chipotle Bourbon maple syrup

Crawfish Étouffée (Ay-too-fay)     20

half-pound tender crawfish tails smothered in a dark roux with butter, garlic, onions, peppers,

and white wine, served with white rice

Rack of Lamb Chops     26

cornmeal crusted rack of lamb chops, chargrilled and served with a 

sweet potato couscous and finished with a pistachio balsamic sauce

Hickory Smoked Spareribs     19

1.25+ lbs. of house smoked meaty spareribs, dry rubbed and slow-cooked over hickory

to create a deep pink ring and a dark, caramelized, lacquered bark, served with Cajun shoestring fries

Please Note: We do not boil our ribs or par-cook them in the oven. The meat is tender, but FIRM.

They are much more flavorful than baby backs, but do not necessarily “fall off the bone.”

Jumbo Blackened Sea Scallops     27

half-pound U/10 scallops blackened with Cajun spices, served with warm creamed brie sauce,

and a grilled corn & andouille maque choux

Dis and Dat Platter     24

a bit of dis and a bit of dat ~ hickory buttered BBQ shrimp, crawfish etouffee, ribs, and red beans & rice,

served with Cajun shoestring fries

Crab avec Crab     28

three large fried soft shell crabs topped with delicate lump crabmeat, spiced smoked pecans,

and meuniere butter, served with Cajun shoestring fries

Shrimp Creole     19

large shrimp simmered in a spicy, tomato-based sauce with “the Trinity,” garlic, bay leaf, and red wine,

served with white rice

Redfish Étouffée     23

your choice of preparation, either blackened or seared, served over white rice and topped with 

Maple Tree Inn’s crawfish étouffée and served with seasonal vegetables 

Southern Fried Catfish     19

two Louisiana catfish fillets coated in seasoned flour and deep fried to a golden brown,

served with dirty rice & finished with a Crystal Hot Sauce® aioli

Smoked Beef Brisket     19

half-pound chopped, slow-smoked beef brisket, topped with chipotle molasses BBQ sauce,

placed atop smothered greens, served with a pickled onion slaw & a sweet potato marmalade

*  Blackened Ribeye      42

hand trimmed, 14 oz. cut of Heritage Black Angus beef, served with caramelized onion cream sauce, 

roasted garlic mashed potatoes, fried red onion strings, and fresh, seasonal vegetables

Add blue cheese or horseradish crust ~ 5.95

Add jumbo lump crab meat ~ 6.95


Cajun Shoestring Fries     4                         

Sweet Potato Fries     5

Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese Grits     4

Red Beans and Rice     5

traditional Southern-style red beans & rice with house smoked bacon and pork

Cornbread Dressin’     4

our jalapeño cornbread with eggs, whole milk, “the Trinity,” house smoked andouille sausage,

caramelized onions, garlic, and spices

Ratatouille     5

eggplant, yellow squash, zucchini, peppers, fresh herbs & house smoked andouille sausage

Vegan Ratatouille     5

eggplant, yellow squash, zucchini, peppers & fresh herbs

Smothered Greens     5

kale, collard & turnip greens with house smoked andouille sausage and bacon

Garlic Mashed Potatoes     5

Grilled Corn & Andouille Maque Choux     5                         

Sweet Potato Couscous     5

Dirty Rice     5

(Entree sides can be substituted for $1.50)

Homemade Desserts

Chocolate Torte     6

layers of rich chocolate cake and fresh raspberry filling, topped with a

chocolate ganache and served with real whipped cream

Pecan Pie     6

made with dark rum and served with fresh whipped cream

Cafe Au Lait Creme Brulee     6

Bananas Foster Bread Puddin'     6

served with a banana custard sauce, a praline caramel sauce, and caramelized bananas

Peach Cobbler     8

served with House Made Smoked Bourbon & Pecan Ice Cream,

finished table side with Creme Anglaise

Beignets     6

the quintessential French Quarter experience: traditional French-style with powdered sugar

*available Friday & Saturday nights only

About Some of the Foods we Prepare

What’s in that delicious spread that comes with the bread & muffins?

We call it “lagniappe” (lan-yap) which, in New Orleans, means “a little something extra.”

Ours is a cream cheese spread with “the Trinity,” cilantro, garlic, dill, and cayenne pepper.

What is “The Trinity”?

“The Trinity,” or “Holy Trinity” as it is sometimes called, 

is the Cajun/Creole version of a French mirepoix.

It is a base of onions, celery, and bell peppers and is used extensively in Louisiana cooking.

What is a Roux?

A roux (roo) is a reduction of flour & oil and serves as a thickener, binder, 

and flavoring in Cajun/Creole cooking.

What is Mornay Sauce?

Mornay sauce is made from a classic Béchamel sauce (one of the “mother” sauces of 

French cuisine using a roux of butter and flour cooked in milk) 

with the addition of aged Gruyère cheese.

What is Andouille?

Andouille (ahn-DEW-y) is a Cajun-smoked pork sausage flavored 

with garlic, red pepper, and salt.

What is Meuniere Butter?

Meuniere butter is clarified brown butter with a dash of Worcestershire sauce, 

fresh lemon, and black pepper.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We source the majority of our seafood fresh from the Gulf or East Coast, 

from trusted suppliers we have worked with for over three decades. 

All of our oysters come in fresh daily from the Gulf or Chesapeake Bay in Virginia, 

one of the premier oyster harvesting locations in the U.S. 

Our produce is sourced from local farmers, whenever possible, 

and our meat is sourced from local Midwest farms that have pledged to be 

hormone and antibiotic-free.

What’s the difference between Cajun and Creole cooking?

Simply put, Cajun is food that you eat in the kitchen, 

and Creole is food that you eat in the dining room.

Technically, Creole includes the addition of tomaotes, specifically Creole tomatoes in it’s cuisine. 

Do you sell your Hickory Buttered BBQ Sauce and House Smoked Andouille?

Yes! We sell our signature sauce for $7.95 a pint 

and our andouille sausage for $7.95 per pound.

Maple Tree Inn is not responsible for pricing errors

© Maple Tree Inn 2017